Where to get money in the loan, the five main rules!


Where to get money

Where’s the money? A rhetorical question — to earn, to inherit, to steal, finally! The fastest way to get cash — to take credit. But not everything is so simple, the Bank may Rob you, offering a disadvantage. What to do if you really want to buy something, but money on it not? To buy on credit! That would get a loan and do not fall into bondage to the Bank, you need to follow five simple rules.

1. Before running to the Bank, conduct research. There are many banks where to get money. Do not be lazy and call all the banks and credit organizations. Gather as much information as you can about interest rates and repayment periods. The best way — it is to come to the Bank branch and ask a consultant. Find out beforehand what you will need documents will I need a cosigner, and so forth. The fewer documents for the loan you want — the higher the interest rate.

Where to get money in the loan, the five main rules!

2. Linked to the first. Carefully review the documents and materials that are in the Bank. Read everything, even what is written in small print (especially what’s written in small print). No one is forcing you to sign a contract immediately. Examine it in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are happy with your Bank, where to get money, study everything, even the information that indirectly relates to the loan.

Where to get money in the loan, the five main rules!

In any Department, in a conspicuous place should be a reminder of the borrowers in which all described in detail.

3. in Order to properly take out a loan, consider the term of the loan. Remember that the longer the term — the greater the percentage of overpayments. Decide to repay the loan early — get ready for the penalties the Bank!

At this stage, compare the terms of the loan and final payments. On the websites of many banks have online calculator loan.

Rule 4. it is Important to calculate how much you can pay per month. Don’t forget all the required payments, the Bank will charge for loan service (particularly disadvantageous contract are higher than the percentage). An ideal case, when the sum of the payments on the loan does not exceed 30% of your monthly income. The extreme case — 50% of the monthly salary.

Rule 5. Choose a suitable loan. Now even consumer loans there are several types, not to mention the target program or mortgage loans. Carefully examine all possible options and choose the option that is right for your situation.

Right to take credit — not difficult. The main thing is not to lose your head, don’t be to quick money. Be careful and then the loan will not hurt the family budget and will benefit you. Be patient, take 2-3 days to study documents.

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