VTB Bank


Later, the Bank began to enter the markets of Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Angola, Namibia by creating subsidiaries on the territory of these States, entered the capital of the Bank in Vietnam. In the context of strengthening the presence in CIS countries was purchased Slavneftebank in Belarus, the Bank in Azerbaijan, opened offices in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

In the next period foreign trade Bank began to actively develop the infrastructure payments — has created a clearing centre, the Depositary, thereby starting to affect the landscape of the monetary system of the Russian Federation. Later the international system of Euroclear chose Vneshtorgbank by the Depositary for the account of all Russian securities.

after Just 3 years after opening VTB has already taken place in the first half among thousands of the best capitalised banks in the world. In the period from 1995 to 1998 the Bank rose to the third hundred in this ranking. In 2007, VTB was already in the hundred of the most capitalized banks in the world.

an Important task of VTB Bank at all times was the decision of public infrastructure projects that support the public finances, transactions of the largest government agencies and funds.

In 1997, the Bank was converted from a closed into an open joint stock company, the major shareholder (about 97% of shares)- CBR. In the future, the share of securities in the capital of the Bank increased to 99.9%.

One of the most important tasks of the Bank in all periods of its development was to expand lending to the enterprises of the Russian Federation, to provide enterprises and organizations operating services, a wide range of investment products.

In 2002, VTB has changed the main shareholder — stake CBR was purchased by the Government Rossiiskii Federation. The Bank has a new management team headed by Andrei Kostin. One of the major goals of the new team was the expansion of the business segments of the Bank — increasing the share of private customers, the expansion of Deposit and loan base.

Soon the Bank took the 2nd place in Russia in terms of deposits. Greatly expanded lending to private individuals and small business — the Bank became one of the leaders of the expanding mortgage market for private clients. Retail business of the Bank has significantly expanded.

In 2004, during a local banking crisis, one of the largest banks of Russia — Guta Bank has shocked the mass withdrawal of funds of the population. The IPO was preceded by a massive advertising campaign with the involvement of major public figures in Russian politics and business, so the Bank’s shareholders became more than 120 thousand citizens of our country. In fairness it should be noted that in 2011 the market value of the shares of VTB never returned to the placing price and the majority of small private investors still have negative returns of these investments.

as a result of becoming a public company, the Bank made a number of measures to increase transparency, the Agency standard&poor’s has given the Bank the first place on transparency in governance in banks of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the Bank until the present time has a lot of claims and lawsuits from minority shareholders, the most famous minority shareholder initiating litigation on the issues of targeted spending and protection of shareholders ‘ rights is a well-known blogger Alexei Navalny.

In 2008, the investment business of VTB group was in a separate Bank VTB Capital in Russia and VTB Capital PLC abroad. Also started a new direction of activity — was open pension Fund NPF VTB.EN/bank-vtb/» title=»Source»>VTB

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