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VTB 24

Bank VTB 24 — one of the largest players on the Russian market of banking services. We are an international financial group VTB and specialize in serving individuals, individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.

the Bank Network includes more than 500 branches and additional offices in 68 regions of the country. We provide customers with basic banking products internationally accepted financial practice.

among the services provided: the issue of Bank cards, mortgage and consumer loans, car loans, service remote control accounts, credit cards with grace period, time deposits, safe Deposit boxes, money orders. Part of the services available to our clients around the clock, using modern telecommunication technologies.

the Major shareholder of VTB 24 is JSC VTB Bank (98,01% of the shares). Share capital VTB24 is 33.6 billion rubles, the amount of own funds (capital) — 58.9 billion rubles.

the staff of the Bank adheres to the values and principles of the international financial group VTB. One of the main tasks of the group — maintenance and improvement of the developed financial system of Russia.

Activities VTB24 is carried out in accordance with the General license of Bank of Russia No. 1623 dated 13.07.2000,

Bank VTB 24 in Kazan

1. it ’Asino» — 420140, city of Kazan, street Victory Boulevard, .100

2. «Slides» — 420110, city of Kazan, street of Richard Sorge, D. 57/29

3. «Derbyshki» — 420071, city of Kazan, street of the World, D. 33

4. «Karavaevo» — the Republic of Tatarstan, 420127, city of Kazan, street Maksimova, D. 3.

5. «Moscow» — 420080, city of Kazan, street of Decembrists, D. 185/47

6. «University» — 420061, city of Kazan, street University, doctor 2

7. «Kalinina» — 420043, city of Kazan, street of Kalinin, D. 62

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Source: VTB 24 Kazan — information about the Bank, deposits, loans, ATM, office addresses

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