Personal account of the Bank VTB 24 how to register or log


Personal account VTB 24

VTB24 is a Bank, outstanding loans. To borrow can anyone paying adult citizen of the Russian physical and legal persons. The loan is issued as cash and non-cash money. The country operates a network of banks and branches of VTB — more than 1,000 offices and representative offices in 72 regions of Russia.

JSC «Summer Bank is a subsidiary and its clients are mainly middle-class people that make up the majority of the population. The provision of cash loans is the main objective of this Bank. Individuals VTB24 provides services for loans, deposits and investments. For legal entities the package of services is complemented settlement and cash servicing and corporate programs.

the Bank offers several types of credit cards: credit, debit card and payroll clients. A bonus program «Collection». For are safety Deposit boxes, Bank takes as deposits of cash, coins made of precious metals and Unallocated metal accounts. Customer service is done remotely via the Internet. The Bank issues letters of credit and checks through the Bank you can transfer money and pay for services rendered.

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Source: Personal account of the Bank VTB 24 how to register or log

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