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the Ultimate owners of companies and their assets

«Sberbank-Technology» — Russian it company, 100% owned by «Sberbank «. Created in 2011 by the Director-General is Denis Kalinin. The main objective of the company — development of it systems «Sberbank». Until 2014 «Smartech» expects to focus on internal tasks «Sberbank»and plans to continue to provide services to other banks.

the Need to create a separate company that will assume the functions of development and implementation, Denis Kalinin explains [1]. «As a Department within the Sberbank development team it obeyed all internal processes of the Bank. This unified motivation, hiring, firing, staff, etc. At the same time, for more effective operation of the it professionals need different rules and corporate culture.

Board of Directors «Sberbank-Technology»

  • Sergey Gorkov. Deputy Chairman of the Board for international business.
  • Andrey Glazov. Director of Department for development of automated systems.
  • Alexey Katrich. Director of it development Department.
  • Denis Kalinin. General Director of «Sberbank-Technologies.
  • Nikita Rybchenko. Director of ERP programs of the Department of Finance Sberbank.

Board «Sberbank-Technology»

  • Igor Musakov. Director of client relations Department, Deputy Chairman of the management Board (as of 18 February 2013 decided to leave «Smartech») [2] ,
  • Michael Khasin. Director of development Department,
  • Alexey Denisov. Director of operations Department,
  • Maria Arkhipova. the Director of the Department of expertise and practices (February 19, 2013 decided to leave «Smartech») [3]


In the «Sberbank-Technologies» three production departments and two supporting [1] .

  • the client relations Department, which is headed by Igor Musakov (moved from the «Sberbank»), building relationships with business customers, says CNews Denis Kalinin: «This is a commercial Department. He is responsible for the start of the projects and monitoring them, and accumulates the competence of banking products».
  • the Department of expertise and practices accumulates all the centres of the it competencies: «there are people who know how to market platforms, such as SAP and Oracle. and our own products. They are engaged in the formation of it products. Directs the Department Maria Arkhipova (moved from the «Sberbank»)».
  • the development Department under the leadership of Michael Hasina has been creating custom solutions. Previously hasin was the head of the Russian development center («Deutsche Bank».
  • the Operations Department is responsible for Finance, HR, accounting, etc. It is headed by Alexey Denisov (moved from the «Sberbank»).
  • Department of standards and quality control coordinates the activities of production departments and monitors the quality of the output products. The head of this Department — Alexei Morozov — previously worked at Alfa-Bank».

«Smartech» in the regions

Revenue Saraha 2013 amounted to 7 billion rubles against 4,438 billion rubles a year earlier. Thus, for the year this indicator increased by 57,78%.

at the same time on 31,74% increase in staff number of employees Saraha»: 2391 person in 2012 up to 3150 in 2013

In 2013, in the work «Saraha» was almost 400 projects, whereas in 2012 — about 250. This was due to the increase in the number and revenue. Interestingly, the growth in revenue and state Saraha» occurred against a background of reducing it costs Sberbank. So, for the first 9 months of 2013, the it budget is the largest Bank of Russia amounted to only 29,1 billion rubles against 31.2 billion rubles in the same period of the previous year (data for the whole of 2013 has not yet been revealed) [4] .

Strategy integrators

«For some projects that involve the development of it systems, contractors will work with Smartexam», — promised in March 2012 Denis Kalinin [1]. — some things we will do for ourselves.»

«From those projects that we want to do on their own, most contractors would themselves — he said. — It is a refinement of embedded products and their support. A lot don’t pay». Return «Saraha», which calculates Kalinin, «be not high — less than 10%».

the Share of the costs of «Sberbank»sent in «Sberbank-Technologies, are likely to increase, hopes the Director General. Thus, over the past few months the number of employees has doubled.

«We do not plan to increase in number, and go from client request («Sberbank», — approx. CNews)», — said Kalinin. However, in 2012, «Smartech», according to him, only in Moscow may increase the staff up to 1500 people: «you will say that we will take all free the human resources market in the capital.»

«Warm up the market further and to create a deficit, we do not want, therefore, actively developing in the regions,» — he continued.

today «Smartech» already opened regional offices in Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ryazan, and Minsk. They translated it professionals already working in Sberbank.

«our immediate plan — to open offices in Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-don, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and some other cities, where the «Sberbank» has already been formed ready competences, — said General Director of «Sberbank-Technologies».

«Also, we attract talented professionals from the market — he adds. — We give people a good wage, set interesting tasks, provide a long-term perspective.

in Addition, the company plans to increase development function and for this purpose, according to Kalinina, need Java programmers, SAP (ABAP, C, and others.

«that’s one of the examples of the situations that we face in the Bank come the SAP consultants, implementing the system and go. The system of transfer of knowledge and technology is not created, — explains the General Director of «Saraha». — So we have to hedgerows and hire SAP professionals to undertake the functions further support embedded systems.

«Besides, often contractors do not have time for our growth. They do not know how to work with such great customers as «Sberbank», — he continued.

Strategy M&A

«We consider both organic and non-organic growth, — says the head of «Saraha». — There are plans to acquire smaller companies in the regions, developers and analysts. We can be an interesting team with the finished product. It is important to note that we did not buy the cash flows generated by the company, namely the team.»

in Addition, according to Kalinina, «Sberbank-Technologies» negotiate with integrators on buying the current commands from them.

Processing ABS

In April 2012 it became known that «Smartech» plans «to process» automated banking system used in «Sberbank»: «Now such systems are monolithic and do not allow to rebuild them under a flexible processes for maintenance of the territorial banks and representative offices abroad. We create the competence to deal with the monolith into pieces and modify to fit your needs. To do this we need people who understand how these systems.

«our task Now — translate «Smartech» mode startup mode of industrial production, — said Denis Kalinin. — From the plug holes we will be ready to create real financial business processes that will deliver «Sberbank». Thus, we will become a technology company. In Russia, this niche is almost free.»

an example of such a business process inter-Bank or intra-Bank payments: «We do not just provide software for tellers and other employees. We undertake to automate the entire process of Bank transactions from beginning to end. The components can be bought on the market, but we collect and deliver turnkey system entirely. This is our strategy».

management System regional subdivisions

Another big project that will have to implement «Sartego» is to create a system of managing its regional units and the process of software development.

«the Creation of this system will allow us to stop recruiting people in the state, but instead to use freelancers, i.e. the community of individual developers and pay them for results — tells Kalinin. — our tasks will be split into components and transmitted to the development in the community. So, for example, is the development of a free operating system FreeBSD».

In the future, «Sberbank-Technologies expect to go ahead and put some of the tasks in the Internet», in order to announce competitions for their decision. «Who will solve the problem better than others, he shall receive a certificate of membership in the number of authors and, of course, royalties, — promises the CEO of the company.

2011: creation of the company

that «Sberbank » creates its own it outsourcing company, it became known in may 2011 In an interview CNews said senior Vice-President of the Bank Viktor Orlovsky. «We believe that the Bank does not have to possess, for example, computers in the workplace and other similar assets, — he explained. — We want to translate this first on the inside «outsourcing», and then, perhaps, to create a separate company that would provide it services to the Bank».

the Post of CEO of Sberbank Technology is Denis Kalinin

«plans — the withdrawal from the state of the entire resource, aimed at the development of it, i.e. project managers, analysts and programmers, — he said. — the Creation of this company aims to support all changes in it.

the Emergence of «Sberbank-Technology» is also due to the large number of simultaneously running it projects. «We are now more than 200 strategic projects simultaneously — CRM. data warehouse, ERP. Internet banking and many others — was listed Orlovsky. — They require our big human resources, so we create a separate company. It will be built a special system of motivation focused on project activities».

Orlov did not rule out that the new company will provide it services to third parties. «For example, client-Bank or Internet banking does not have to be tied to a specific Bank: it can be tied to the consumer services — says a top Manager. — Now the client of several banks use several Internet banks. It is quite possible that we should pass this environment is not the Bank and the client. Then he will be able to manage your multiple accounts at different banks. This kind of public cloud can develop in our Bank».

«We think more about how to provide services related to infrastructure. For example, some time in the DPC will be free areas, because we build your data center with a stock. Probably we will be able to provide infrastructure outsourcing — this is also one of the possible directions of our activity».

In early July 2011, it became known that he headed the company Kalinin Denis Vyacheslavovich .

In 2011, the company rented an office in the business center «Danilovsky Fort»

In October 2011, Sberbank Technologies has signed a long-term lease in the business center «Danilovsky Fort», located on Novodanilovskaya embankment in Moscow, according to a report by real estate companies Praedium ONCOR International [6] .

Function «Sberbank-Technologies beginning from 1 November 2011, said the source CNews leaders.

In the financial statements for the 3rd quarter of 2011, Sberbank has officially disclosed information about company «Sberbank-Technologies». Its main activity — development of software, the document said. The company is 100% owned by Sberbank.

Four of the managers included in the Board of Directors of «Sberbank-Technologies», are shareholders of Sberbank, according to his report. This Viktor Orlovsky. Alex Katrich and Andrey Glazov involved in computerization and Denis Bugrov.

2012: Mass recruitment

In 2012, we should form a company and go completely commercial relationships with the business units of the Bank — said Denis Kalinin. — they see Us as the contractor for the work performed».

By the end of 2012 «Smartech» must show a profit, and «Sberbank» — to capture savings from the creation of a separate company, he adds.

the Number of staff in 2012, expected to grow by another 50%, thus reaching 1200.

«employee Salary, if exceed the market average, not more than 15%», — considers Kalinin.

Task to gather all professionals in Moscow, according to the Director General, is not: «We create centers of competence in Minsk, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Novosibirsk».

«for Example, in Minsk there are two universities that prepare people for SAP and IBM WebSphere. In some cities of Russia Sberbank already have teams. At the same time they worked on their own territorial Bank, and now in the «Sberbank-Technologies» will be able to work on the whole «Sberbank».


we are planning to launch the company’s website at:

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