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the»people’s IPO» and the subsequent repurchase of shares

former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the President — Chairman of the management Board Andrey Kostin

In may 2007, the Bank undertook an initial public offering of shares. During placement among Russian and international investors was posted to 22.5 % stake in VTB. After processing all orders the price per share of the Bank placed through the IPO, was established in the amount of 13.6 kopecks apiece. The total amount of funds raised under the IPO was about 8 billion US dollars. what did the placement of shares of VTB in 2007, the second largest in the world and the largest Bank IPO in Europe.

In Russia, officials have a tradition of coming to work, they pick up a special phone, the Kremlin. If the tone is there, then everything is in order, if not, it’s time to collect things. After the IPO of VTB my first and not the receiver off and turn the computer on and look at the prices of these shares. If they fall, the state will not permit it, I tube can not be taken.

In the IPO became the most popular in Russia in the entire history of the national stock market. according to the results of VTB shareholders were more than 120 thousand Russian citizens who purchased securities of $1.5 billion [11] .

July 30, 2007 the price of VTB shares for the first time fell below the offering price, in the future and not rising above this level. [13] Despite regular assurances analysts about the unappreciated this securities [not in the source ] [14] [15]. under the impact of the global financial crisis in October 2008, the stock price fell below 3 cents. [13] on January 22, 2009 the value of one share on the MICEX made 2.33 penny. [16] on 12 July 2010 the rate of VTB’s shares have risen up to 7.84 cents per share. [17] [13]

In October 2011 , the head of VTB Andrey Kostin appreciated the «people’s IPO» VTB as one of the main failures of the Bank, negatively evaluated in General practice direct sales to private investors of the shares at the time of placement [18]. In February 2012 years. answering the questions of participants of the Russia Forum 2012, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the state is ready to participate in the financing repurchase of shares from minority shareholders of VTB [19] (in the newspaper «Vedomosti » it has been argued that it was Putin’s pre-election campaigning) [11] .

a Little later, VTB announced that the redemption will take place between March and April 2012 for the price of — 13.6 cents apiece. It was announced that the ransom will be accepted from those of minority shareholders, who became a shareholder in the IPO in 2007 and left them in February 2012. Set the maximum amount for redemption at one shareholder — 500 thousand rubles [20]. As a result, the third «national investors» did not use the best offer (according to «Vedomosti», many did not know about it) [11]. and the total amount that was accomplished redemption, 11.4 billion rubles [21]

Mergers and acquisitions

In 1996, the Bank acquired a controlling stake in the Bank «Tula Regional Bank. In 2001 Tula Bank was transferred to Moscow and received a new name — Commercial Bank «Kazinvestbank » (open joint stock company) OJSC CB «Kazinvestbank». Later, the Bank came under the control of JSC «Eurocasinobet».

In September 2007, VTB sold its subsidiary Bank «Novosibirskvneshtorgbank» (99,56 %) Eastern-European financial Corporation «. Analysts the deal was valued at 70 — 130 million US dollars. [22] [23] According to the newspaper Vedomosti. the Bank was sold for $170 million [24]

From 2002 till February 2012, VTB acquired 12 banks, 4 of them in Russia, 3 in Europe and 5 in the CIS:

  • Guta-Bank (2004), later renamed VTB24
  • Armsberbank» in Armenia (2004), later renamed VTB Armenia
  • ICB (2005), later renamed the Bank VTB North-West, then reformed in the North-Western regional centre of VTB Bank.
  • «eurobank» in France (2005), later renamed VTB France
  • Mosnarbank in the UK (2005), later renamed VTB Europe Plc, then — VTB Capital Plc
  • «Ost-West Handelsbank AG in Germany (2005), later renamed VTB Germany
  • «United Georgian Bank» in Georgia (2005), later renamed VTB Georgia
  • «Mriya» in Ukraine (2006), later merged with VTB Bank (Ukraine)
  • Slavneftebank» in Belarus (2007), later renamed VTB Belarus
  • «AF Bank in Azerbaijan (2008), later renamed VTB Azerbaijan

TransCreditBank (2011)

since December 2010, VTB integrates OJSC «TransCreditBank (TCB), which was purchased from JSC «RZD» in December 2010. In July — August 2011, VTB increased its stake in TCB with 43,18 % to 74,48 %. In February 2012 brought it to 77,79 %. For the share of VTB paid 46 billion rubles Multiplier to capital amounted to $ 1,64. [25]

Buying Bank of Moscow

In February 2011, VTB acquired by the government of Moscow package in 46,48 % the Bank of Moscow. and 25 % plus 1 share Capital insurance group, which owns 17,32 % stake in Bank of Moscow. The total amount of the transaction amounted to 103 billion rubles To purchase the share of the city also claimed Alfa-Bank. but the choice was made in favor of VTB in connection with a higher bid price, and also have a full set of documentation, including permits from the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation. [26] Later VTB bought shares of other shareholders, bringing the end of 2011 its stake to more than 94 % stake in [27]. what did it cost the Bank 251 billion [25] .

After the acquisition of the Bank, it became clear that in its balance sheet, there is a huge «hole» due to the fact that a substantial part of the loans (by VTB voiced sum 380 billion rubles) was granted to companies affiliated with the former major shareholder and Director of the Bank Andrey Borodin [28] [27]. Part of these loans was rated as doubtful for repayment or not secured by liquid collateral, later this information was confirmed by the inspection of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation [29]. As a result, in late September 2011, the Agency for deposits insurance to cover the «holes» in the balance sheet provided the Bank with a 10-year loan in the amount of 295 billion rubles at 0.51 % per annum (the ASV money provided by the Bank of Russia) [18] [30] .


the Bank changed 2 logo. Current — the third.

  • In 1990-2002 , the logo depicts a white wing, below the inscription «OPEN JOINT stock COMPANY»below the white line below the signature of «VNESHTORGBANK».
  • In 2002-2006 wing, decreased, and the word «VNESHTORGBANK» was changed font.
  • 2006 he is currently the wing became less close below the inscription is another — «VTB» in bold font.

Owners and management

One of the Moscow offices of VTB

the Major shareholder of VTB is the Government, which is represented by the Federal Agency for state property management owns 75.5 % of the share capital Group [31]. The remaining shares are divided between the owners of the GDR and minority shareholders — physical and legal entities.

In February 2011 years the Russian government was additionally placed among private investors 10 % minus 2 shares of the Bank. Among investors who paid for shares in the aggregate 95,7 billion rubles were patterns businessman Suleiman Kerimov. funds Generali. TPG Capital. and the Chinese sovereign wealth Fund China Investment Corp. [32] [33]

Among the senior executives of the Bank:

  • Kostin Andrey Leonidovich the President — Chairman of the Board of the Bank;
  • Dubinin, Sergei Konstantinovich — Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Bank [34]


VTB Bank focused on corporate clients. From 1 August 2005 within the VTB group started a specialized retail Bank (VTB 24 (JSC)established on the basis of Vneshtorgbank bought Guta-Bank )serving the population and small businesses under the trademark «VTB 24 «. In February 2008, VTB 24» was second only to Sberbank’s retail Bank in Russia. [35]

the Investment business of VTB Group the company «holding VTB Capital» since the establishment took part in 235 transactions in the debt and equity capital. In 2010, the volume of borrowed debt financing was 55.3 billion dollars. [36]

In August 2006, VTB bought in the market a significant stake (5,02 %) European aerospace and defense group [37]. in December 2006 sold its stake in the WEB for 995 million [38] .

October 24, 2006 years Vneshtorgbank was rebranded and renamed to «VTB».


as of March 31, 2012, the number of employees is 69 403 people. Assets as at 31 March 2012 — 6 450,5 billion rubles equity — 607,2 billion rubles

Net profit of VTB group in the first quarter of 2012 amounted to RUR 23.3 billion compared with 26.1 billion in the first quarter of 2011. [39]

Deal with drilling rigs

the Russian public figure and the minority shareholder Alexei Navalny accused one affiliated with the Bank structures — OJSC «VTB-Leasing » in the implementation in 2007, deals with the acquisition of 30 drilling rigs, for which, according to Navalny, the Bank overpaid more than $160 million [40] [41]. Navalny has applied to the Department of economic security Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia with a request to conduct an audit of these transactions. [41] According to the member of the Advisory Board of VTB shareholders Oleg Anisimov, to refer to the words of Andrey Kostin, partly as a result of these transactions, the Director of «VTB-Leasing» Anton Borisevich was fired[41] [42] [43]. Also Navalny claimed to actually install actually not been leased, and lay, as shown by his trip 2009, under the open sky at the station Purpe .

In June 2011 we held the arbitration court at the suit of the Bulk of the invalidation of the transaction [44]. By this time the former team VTB-Leasing was Kostin fired, a new team announced the existence of contracts in 25 of the 30 plants [44]. Navalny said again that setup still lie at the station Purpe [45]. The decision of the court in the lawsuit Navalny was denied.

Speaking at the annual meeting of shareholders in 2011 Andrey Kostin said [46]. what appealed to law enforcement were repeated check — crime there has not been found. In confirmation of these words VTB posted on the Internet a copy of his statement 2009 in the Ministry of internal Affairs [47] and pictures and video working drilling. Answering questions of visitors to the official site of VTB in December 2011 about drilling Andrei Kostin said that at the moment of the 30 units 28 have already been implemented: 12 in operation, 16 contracted and transmitted in operation, in December it is planned to sign contracts for another 2 installation. For all of these drilling VTB sees the return of funds over a seven-year period with a yield of 10% [48] .

At the annual meeting of shareholders in 2012 Andrey Kostin, answering the question about drilling, reported that 20 units are already working, and 10 leased. the mini-football team «Dynamo » [57]. hockey club «Dynamo» from 2010 [58]. the national women’s team of Russia on basketball 2008 [59]. the men’s team Russia in volleyball 2011 [60]. Federation of gymnastics of Russia [61]. In addition, the international Association of athletics federations — an official partner of VTB Bank. Also VTB — sponsor of the all-Russian volleyball Federation. In 2008 it was a joint project with the Russian basketball Federation — a basketball tournament «VTB United League».

in recent years, VTB was supported by major museums and theaters. VTB is included in the Board of Trustees of the Bolshoi theatre. Since 2006 the Bank is the General partner of the Mariinsky theatre. VTB supports a Moscow theatre «Workshop P. Fomenko» [62]. Since 2002, the Bank became a member of the Board of Trustees of the Tretyakov gallery and participates in several programs of the Museum [63]. VTB member of international society for the friends of the Russian Museum» [64]. Charity program VTB «World without tears » provides targeted support to children’s health. [65]

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